200 years to go. Fair warning.

Stephen Hawking is right. Make fun of him all you want, but the man is right. If we don’t get off this rock soon, we’ll kill each other or be killed by nature or worse yet, start throwing people off the rock. The world’s population today stands at 6 billion and at this time, we don’t have enough food, water or arable land to support all of us comfortably. By 2050, the earth’s population will hit 9 billion. Add climate change to that factor and an increasing energy demand in developing nations and you have yourself a hotter planet coping to to exist for another century, but barely. Stephen Hawking puts a 200 year time limit on getting off this planet and finding other places to colonize while keeping this planet, but I am much less optimistic. I think that if we don’t get off this rock in the next 100 years, we’ll never get off it. Why you ask? Cuz we’ll be dead. No, nature won’t kill us, although she may make us leaner through profuse sweating, no, we’ll kill ourselves. Nuclear war, acid rain, poisoned water, mutant animals, mass genocide, rampant disease spread, enforced starvation, whatever. One group will kill or watch the other die other somehow for the want of scare resources. And that’ll be it. Then the leftover folk will look at themselves and say: “Fuck it, I like this planet. I ain’t going nowhere. But I do claim Bali as my front porch and ya’ll are trespassing if you come on it.” And thus colonization will begin anew. And perhaps in a few centuries, some guy in a wheelchair who speaks through a electronic speaking machine will predict our doom again; but we won’t listen. We’ll just make fun of him some more because he’s a nerd who sits on a wheelchair and speaks through a machine. History fucking repeats itself. Never forget. 

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